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Male Idols cross-dress (Daesung beats them all)



Excuse me



i don’t think i can ever win against EXO in shipping our otps

Because EXO fucking ship everyone with everyone


Anime series(3rd season??): Book of Circus (During the Noah’s Ark Circus arc)

OVA: Book of Murder (During the murder scene at Phantomhive manor)

CAN’T WAIT!!! 2014 July xD and also not to mention: K MISSING KING movie xD

Too much! Too much!! I need to prepare money if they have DVD release!!


It was a success since Kagami’s lucky item, rainbow, albeit hiding, all were present in the serenading scene.

KagaKuro requested by

Wavy Davey 2.0.I’ve been uploading shots to instagram of my gifs with all of the frames stacked on top of each other, and super genius magical animator extraordinaire Reza Iman suggested I make a gif that has the same effect. SO I DID. TRUE STORY.


Wavy Davey 2.0.
I’ve been uploading shots to instagram of my gifs with all of the frames stacked on top of each other, and super genius magical animator extraordinaire Reza Iman suggested I make a gif that has the same effect. SO I DID. TRUE STORY.

I’m freaking love KnB 3rd drama cd.

Kagakuro were looking for their baby and the pikachu part xD

Takao moment w/ Nigou (I LOVE THE MOST!!! I WISH I CAN SEE TAKAO’s FACE)

Murahimu moments xD They’re so funny that I even don’t know where are the funny parts. I think maybe from the way they speak.

Satsuki & Sakurai. Ahahaha!! I love when Satsuki said she felt like she’s having girls talk with sakurai :P and their parts when they met with Midotaka. Takao always the energetic one xD and sakurai too cute.

Kikasa+Moriyama-senpai also looking for Nigou.(Love when  Love their moments when they met with seirin-senpai.
Moriyama & Riko xD. I don’t know he was that desperate for girl even Riko(who original rejected by many guys).
When Kiyoshi said riko was cute & hyuuga reaction to that xD
Kikasa, Moriyama x Riko, Kiyoshi x Hyuuga moments xD!!! I love this f8888g part!!!
(I think I like moriyama x riko. new otp? Let me count you two in my OTPs list :D)

Murahimu met with Nigou xD love the caring side of murochin for nigou (not to mention to Atsushi too). and how funny he kept trying to remember the thing he wanted when he was a child. Murochin so cute xD

Aomine???… he met with NIGOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kyaaa!! he is so gentle to a DOG THAT LOOK ALIKE TETSUYA!! Gentlemen aomine FTW!!

Midotaka met with Mitokoga xD love their interactions.

Hyuuga and Riko?! ahahah~ the bgm so… so erotic..pfft!! and kiyoshi ahaah~ Hyuuga, what wrong with you???

Aomine said to nigou don’t make kuroko worries xD Aomine you’re too nice when comes to your tetsuya. I love when Aomine called Sakurai by his name Ryou. So sweet xD

Mizubue is the correct name by tetsuya told Kagami.
while Atsushi = piyo piyo bue… kyaa so cute xD he told the name to murochin, Himura Tatsuya that piyo piyo bue correct name is Mizubue :)

Love the epilogue the most! The moments of Kagakuro, Murahimu, Midotaka & KIKASA!!! xD
like couples scenes. wahahaha~

(I remember it when I was child, I went to Hanabi festival at Japan together with my cousin, I also like playing with that piyo piyo bue because of the sound like a bird xD and now I miss it T_T)

EXO COMEBACK!!!! Guise!!!! hoy!!! They’re comeback again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad I just received my wages today :P Thank you GOD!!

Center lay??? omona my 6th bias xD

and sorry to say but not, their hair styles so gay :P especially our manly guy Luhan’s hair. (since I am fujoshi, I like Luhan’s hair style xD)

This is me~

FAIRY TAIL IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know the scene that I anticipate the most is when one of the dragon made Lucy nude.

When happy said flying naked people and there was naked Lucy flying in the air and Natsu caught her then they fell into a big bell I believe. 

I kind of can’t remember well but it was something like that in the manga.

And that’s what I’ve been waiting for that SCENE TO BE REALLY APPEARED IN THE ANIME!!!

kyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Nalu+happy are the BEST!!!

promises, fun times, little talks with friends may matter, but you can never forget that one friend whose support became the foundation to all your achievements.

Omona~ ahahah. No matter what rank Eunhyuk and Kai, what I know that I love them. They’re great and amazing dancer. I guess too, it because Kai is younger. ahahah~ Eunhyuk getting older but I still love our Eunhyukkie more xD